Greeting Cards 

Greeting cards may be considered obsolete by some generations, with the influx of email, Facebook, smart phones, Twitter, etc.  However, there are still many of us who appreciate receiving a card in the mail.  Someone cared enough to pick out the card, address and stamp it, and find a mailbox to send it. 

Greeting cards are certainly available for just about any traditional card-giving holiday.  Joyous occasions are easy.  But what about the other times in our lives?  Those occasions where it’s so hard to express the right words?  Sympathy cards, thinking of you, get well, encouragement, or miss you?  Spend a few minutes reading our cards.  There are many talented writers/artists who know just the right words, sentiments, and designs that will help with those difficult situations. 

Having a bad day?  
We welcome you to stop by and just read some of the many funny cards here at Huckleberries. We promise they will make you smile or maybe even laugh out loud.  It’s so much fun to hear giggling or observe a customer’s shoulders shaking with silent laughter, as they read a humorous card.  If you found it funny, how about that friend or relative who might also be having a bad day?  

Greeting cards are everywhere.
Grocery stores, big box stores, drug stores,  even the local convenience stores.  We ask that you look at the back of the card and see where the card was printed.  Support your friends, neighbors, and relatives and only purchase quality cards made in the USA. 

We currently feature greeting cards from these awesome companies:

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